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Practical theologies of urban poor churchplanting, land rights, economic discipleship, slum movement leadership...

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Urban Leadership Foundation

A hub for leadership training among the world's 1.4 billion slum-dwellers

Prophetic Envisioning

Catalyzing Cultural Revival & Citywide Transformation
  • Developing, delivering and reproducing training for city leaders and teams
  • Utilizing citywide, regional and global consultations of city leaders to integrate vision for cities as a vehicle for leadership training.
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    MA Training for Slum Leaders

    • Establishing the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership with partnering tertiary institutions in each continent.
  • Pioneering churches, cooperative economics, working with the marginalized, advocacy, engagement in land struggles, community health, establishing slum educational processes, social entrepreneurship.

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  • Best case practices of movement leadership
  • Theological reflection for urban leaders.
  • Publishing urban vision
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    Grassroots Slum Workers Training

  • Story-telling gatherings of leaders among the urban poor
  • Developing the Encarnação Network of urban poor movement leaders globally.
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