Welcome to Slum Leaders' Training of Trainers

Across the globe evey year, hundreds of millions move into the global slums -twice dispossessed, seeking out a living as they can, setting where they are not molested, hoping for a better urban future. And among them the Lord has been raising up faithful servants - shepherds, evangelists, diaconal workers caring for physical needs.

But who trains these pastors? The churches remain ill equipped to face the immense issues in which they are born. That is where a global connection fo training mediated throughlocal facilitiators supplemented by training structure delivered via cell phones becomes a necessity.

The plan is to gather a cluster of existing trainers, spend five sessions working together, on the following:


  • Week 1: Introductions, current experience

  • Week 2: High Quality Content


    Week 3: Proposal For Vocational & Pastoral Learning Networks

    Week 4:Content Development Process

    • Week 5: Building inter-supportive learning networks